A Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design and My Role as a Production Design Assistant

Fashion Designers: Jobs, Career, Salary and Education InformationI graduated with honors from college for the second time in my life in 2006 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design. My first degree is an Associates of Applied Science in Fashion Design which I obtained in 1991. I went to school for a total of around 5 years. In between studying for my second degree, I have had many opportunities which I have been given. I have been able to walk away with a wealth of information with which to utilize now and in the future of the apparel industry.

My most recent freelance contractor assignment was working for an outerwear manufacturer. The name of the company is Amerex Group. They design and manufacture for their own private labels as well as for licensed brands such as: OshKosh for kids, Carter’s for kids, Jones New York for women, and Wrangler Hero for men. My job was to assist with production and design with the little girls, infant girls, and toddler girls outerwear. The labels I specifically worked on were: London Fog, OshKosh, and Carter’s. Details are very important when working in production and design. A submission of the wrong fabric, fabric print, fabric color, or even the wrong thread could mean thousands or even millions of dollars lost! If that particular jacket design goes through production overseas and actually makes it through delivery to the stores without design or production calling out the error first, the manufacturer would have to eat the loss or in some cases may even lose that license.

Another part of the job assignment as a production design assistant was calling out specifics of how each outerwear jacket was constructed. Some of the specifics that were called out were: ruffles, gathered stitching, decorative embroideries, pleats and dart seams, topstitching, measurements, and invisible or exposed zippers. Utilizing Adobe Illustrator, the designer first sketches out the garment in color. Then the color is taken out of that sketch by the production design assistant and made into a black and white sketch for production and specs are called out. After the black and white sketch is finalized it is then placed into a spreadsheet along with the breakdown of the garment. Some of the items that are broken down and listed on this production spreadsheet are: polyester fill for the hood and jacket body, zipper components, buttons, snaps, and lining.

After the production sheet is finalized and signed off on by the designer it is then submitted overseas via e-mail. That production sheet is utilized for the sewing factories overseas. They sew up the samples and final samples. The samples are shipped back to the manufacturer for approval by the buyers and designers alike. Upon approval the garment is finalized and production can begin. This means the buyer has to see and sign off on the finished final garment before production can proceed and shipping to stores begins.

So you can see what an important role working as a production design assistant can be and how it plays in the domino effect on mass production of garments in the apparel industry. I believe this position will become the catalyst for a new start up under my own label or as a stepping stone to working on the manufacturing side of the apparel industry.…

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Ideas to Lower the Cost of Your Wedding Photography

20 Ways to Get Cheap Professional Wedding Photographers & VideographerSometimes you find a photographer that you really love but just can’t afford their price tag. Here are some tips for you to discuss with the photographer to help lower the cost so you can get the photography of your dreams.

Most photographers will negotiate their packages with you so don’t be afraid to ask. Just keep in mind we are businesspeople, and we do need to pay bills and make a profit just like everyone else. You shouldn’t expect your photographer to lower his price simply because you ask him to; if you want to pay less money, you’ll have to give something up. Here are some bargaining points that might help you get a lower price.

Just have one photographer

Some studios offer two or more photographers or assistants to help cover more aspects of your wedding day. Ask if you can have a discount if you only have one photographer cover your day or one of the assistants cover it instead of the main photographer. The photographer may say no because they really need their assistants with them but it never hurts to ask. It could save you a couple hundred dollars.

Skip the proofs.

Putting together proof albums is time consuming. Your photographer might not mind shaving off a bit of the fee if he doesn’t have to spend time making proofs for you. Try asking if he will give you your prints in a box, or even simply images (edited and retouched) on a DVD. You may even save more if you except them unedited because you’ll be saving your photographer even more time. With high resolution images on DVD, you can upload the images to an online gallery, put together a proof album yourself, or print only your absolute favorites. You can also wait to make prints later, when your bank account has bounced back from the wedding. Of course getting the images on DVD may also be expensive so you could ask just to have the images displayed online or come to the photographer’s studio to view them so you can choose to only buy the ones you really want.

Have less coverage.

Many photographers offer unlimited time on your wedding day, from getting ready shots in the morning until the last guest departs the reception. That is a very long day for any photographer. Consider limiting coverage to the wedding ceremony and only two or three hours of the reception. (If you do this, plan for all your major “events” such as cake-cutting, bouquet toss, etc. to fall within that time period.) You might choose to only have photojournalistic coverage and skip all the family and bridal party formals that take a lot of time on your wedding day. If you really want those formals then only book ceremony and formal coverage at the church and let a friend shoot the reception for you.

Get rid of all the extras.

A lot of wedding photography packages are expensive because they include a lot of extras like the couples album, parent albums, enlargements, guest books, engagement sessions, etc. Ask the photographer to take some of those extras out. Let the parents order their own albums and reprints. You can always order your wedding album and reprints later after you have recovered your bank account. If your photographer offers the images on DVD you can always make these items yourself.

Get married in the off season.

You’ll have far less bargaining power during the busy season, April through October. But if your wedding is between November and March you might get lucky. (This tip is less relevant to brides and grooms who live in places with year-round warm weather.) Some photographers offer deals and discounts during these months to attract business.

Get married on a week day.

Just like the slow season between November and March, photographers will offer deals and discounts to fill their week day calendar with weddings. Ask your photographer if they will discount their price if you get married on Friday or Sunday or any other date of the week. You may find that you will get discounts on all your other vendors as well allowing you to book your photographer longer and include more options with your package.

Ask your photographer if they do a gift registry

Do you and your fiancĂ© already have everything you need for the home? Most couples do now a days so why not register for gift certificates with your photographer and let your guests pay for your photography. If you’re worried you’ll get to many certificates just give the registry out to a select few.

Ask for suggestions.

Simply ask, “What can we do to lower the price?” Wedding photographers want your business. Your photographer might have some suggestions that you hadn’t even thought of, so don’t be afraid to ask.

None of these bargaining ideas are a guarantee, but a fair and reasonable approach will go a long way toward getting you a discount on those gorgeous wedding pictures.…

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Vintage Clothing Stores in Southern Maine

The 10 Best Thrift Shops in Maine!

Vintage Clothing Stores in Southern Maine

While many places around the country offer various options to discover those rare gems that all collectors of vintage clothing long to find, there is no place in the country that is as much a diamond in the rough as Southern Maine is.

Any traveler who has been to various regions of the country will recognize the typical boutiques the usually line the business district of tourist traps – along the seacoast or within the cities. However there exists a unique market of vintage clothing that remains hidden within piles of otherwise ordinary used clothing.

Maine offers tourists the usual fare of boutiques along the coast, however further inland and north, the clever traveler will discover hidden jewels that are scattered throughout Southern Maine.

Heart’s Desire (207-282-6957)

Heart’s Desire is a consignment shop located at 191 Main St in Saco, Maine. It is just next door to the famous “Rapid Ray’s” – a fast food burger & hot dog restaurant that has become virtually a landmark within the town of Saco. At Heart’s Desire, you will discover a quaint consignment clothing shop tucked into a beautiful historic building.

Entering the front door, you will immediately notice a very well organized and clean shop, which maintains the historic feel of the building. The shop offers a variety of styles and types of clothing – overall a mix of both contemporary and vintage. The vintage clothes are isolated into one section of the store so that shoppers who are interested in only vintage clothing do not have to sift through hundreds of contemporary clothes to weed out the vintage gems.

This 1700 square foot shop on main street also includes vintage accessories and jewelry. The reputation of the shop has been built on quality of merchandise, and no clothing is accepted that is of poor or soiled quality.

Prices at this shop range from $29.99 and up for vintage clothes.

Hours are currently Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am-5pm, Thursday from 10am to 6pm, and Saturday from 9am to 4pm. These hours may change slightly during the approaching summer months.

Another Chance Animal Rescue Thrift Shop (207-676-9330)

Another Chance Animal Rescue is located at 37 Market Street in North Berwick, ME. Shoppers can browse an assortment of items, not only clothing but also vintage items and collectibles. However we absolutely love thrift shops, because older folks very often will donate an entire collection, even an attic full, of some of the most amazing vintage clothing you’ll find anywhere. While thrift shops such as this take more time to locate those special discoveries – most often the sheer value of the discovery in comparison to the price makes it well worth the effort. We’ve seen WWII vintage clothing, as well as 1920’s and 1930’s era skirts, dresses, and jackets – all for sale at such Thrift stores.

In addition to digging for treasure – if you have time, we strongly suggest that you visit the animals at the Animal Rescue shelter, an experience few shoppers will forget.

In addition to finding some wonderful vintage clothes, shoppers can feel good about the fact that 100% of all of the proceeds benefit the animals in the care of the Another Chance Animal Rescue.

Prices at Another Chance range from $2 up to $15.

Hours are currently Monday 10am-5pm, Tuesday-Friday 11am-4pm, and Saturdays from 10am-2pm. The shop is also open on Sundays from 12pm to 4pm during July and August.

Make sure to visit Another Chance Animal Rescue on the web at: http://www.acanimalrescue.org

Salvation Army Thrift Store (207-286-1494)

The Salvation Army Thrift Store located at 435 Elm St in Biddeford, Maine is another location where the unexpected treasure can be found. The Salvation Army thrift stores accept donations of gently used clothing from the community. These stores also offer other items and collectibles, however are for the most part are loaded with gently used clothing. In much the same way as other thrift stores – there are many older members of the community who donate a large number of items to the Salvation Army. New items arrive every day.

And it is also a place that features an amazing assortment of clothing from used contemporary clothing in moderate condition, to vintage, and some times antique items in meticulous condition. It is a virtual treasure hunt. Additionally, you can feel good about your purchase – all proceeds from the sales fund the adult rehabilitation program, which assists over 216,000 individuals every single year.

These stores are generally run by volunteers and often have an unorganized low-end department store feel to them. However if you can ignore the environment, and don’t mind sifting through hundreds of pieces of clothing in order to discover one of those amazing and rare vintage pieces – this store can sometimes be a goldmine.

Priced at the Salvation Army range from $1 up to $10.

Store hours are from Monday through Saturday, 9am to 6pm.

The Good Cause Thrift Store (207-772-4903)

The Good Cause Thrift Store is located at 693 Congress Street in Portland, Maine is a very unique thrift store that is operated by Sister Mary Quinn of the Catherine McAuley high school. This thrift store also offers used clothing and an assortment of other items for the antiques hunter.

The shop is run for the most part by volunteers (about seventy of them), and all proceeds provide students with financial aid.

In an interview published on line, Sister Mary Quinn commented about what the store means to the students and the customers alike:

“May I just say, though what we do for Catherine McAuley High is measurable, what we do for our customers is beyond measure. Some come several times a day, perhaps for sociability. Many come in daily perhaps for a kind word, a hug, a warm smile or to ask for a prayer for a deceased loved one, a sick child or their impending surgery or health crisis.”

When asked where the merchandise …

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Eco-Friendly Clothing Choices for Everyone

How to Find Environmentally Friendly Clothing: 9 Helpful Tips - Trusted  Clothes

Did you know your clothes may be killing the planet? In fact, mine are too. If this sounds a bit extreme, it really isn’t. Many synthetic and artificial fabrics, such as nylon and acrylic, are forms of plastic and therefore not very biodegradable. Natural fabrics, such as cotton and hemp, break down much faster. If you’re trying to live more in tune with the planet, but don’t want to sacrifice style to do it, read on!

Clothing from a company called Rawganique offers clothing in their online store for men, women and children made from blends of natural fabrics such as organic hemp, cotton and linen. Rawganique has an extensive line which includes hemp footwear, adorable hemp and organic cotton tops, and stylish organic cotton jeans. This company won’t leave you hanging on a special occasion either; the store boasts silk-lined, hemp wedding gowns, as well as formal wear for men. Rawganique professes all of their products to be “sweat-shop free”, crafted only by fair practice and labor, and from sustainable resources.

Hempest.com offers an equally impressive eco-friendly selection on their site, and in five brick-and-mortar stores in the Northeast part of the US. Clothing from Hempest is made of hemp, and they explain their reasons for choosing this sustainable, versatile fiber on their web site. You can find a wide assortment of trendy tops, sleek hoodies, colorful skirts and adorable undies for the ladies, while the men’s department features handsome button-downs and polo style shirts, functional cargos, and dapper chinos.

Sorry guys, but hot eco-friendly clothing source Aventura.com’s clothing line is strictly for the ladies! A word of caution here: the site boasts 80% of its product to be “eco-friendly”, and there is an easy way to ensure you are shopping within this majority. Simply enter the Eco-Friendly Collection area of the site to browse for organic cotton halter tops, workout gear, and shorts. You can even snag a smokin’ hot summer bikini made from recycled poly materials, or a bamboo-and-cotton stretch dress as a beach cover up!

Keep in mind that simply shopping garage sales, thrift stores and consignment shops can be quite eco-friendly, regardless of the fabrics you choose. Remember to recycle within your circle; if a friend is cleaning out her closets, ask her if you might pop by to check out her discards. See what you can use, and remind your friend to donate her unwanted wardrobe. If you are finally willing to part with your child’s baby clothes now that he’s entering college, and your niece is expecting, offer up the goods! Reusing and recycling clothes among friends and family are great ways to get a few extra seasons out of someone else’s unwanted duds.…

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Fashionable Fallacy #18: False Beliefs in the Necessity of Regulation

Mathematics for Computer Science

If we abandon regulation,
We shall return to the primeval age.”
Why does it not spark indignation
That socialists can this deception stage?

Does the industrialist’s top hat mimic savage dress?
Do cloning and space tourism constitute regress?

Or is this claim a rationalization
To substitute for skyscrapers a bamboo cage?…

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Fashion Designer Tory Burch’s Designer Picks

Tory Burch | Fashion Designer Biography

Real Style Network is delighted to have fashion designer Tory Burch interpret today’s top fashion trends for our exclusive Designer Picks. Tory Burch is, of course, one of the most successful new American fashion designers. Her Tory Burch clothing, accessory and children’s wear lines are sold in over 450 stores worldwide and 22 free standing Tory Burch boutiques. In the Designer Picks series, Tory Burch speaks about the essential pieces of clothing and accessories that all women should have in their wardrobe. Take a look:

Real Style Network: In your opinion, what is the hottest fashion trend right now and going into the fall and why?
TORY BURCH: I think the mix of textures, print and color is so modern. Our fall collection is based around the idea of playing a utilitarian edge against sequins or something feminine.

Real Style Network: What are the essential pieces of clothing you would recommend for women to have in their wardrobe?
TORY BURCH: Women should always follow what looks good on them no matter what trends dictate. There are, however, a few universal looks that women can personalize.
1. A great dress that you can wear from season to season, day to evening.
2. A pair of jeans that fit you perfectly. We’re launching a full denim collection for fall 2010.
3. A jacket or blazer. It’s the ultimate layering piece and you can find on that fits your personality-loose, tailored, etc.
4. A trench-no matter what you’re wearing or what your style is, a classic trench always looks chic.

Real Style Network: What are your favorite accessories and why?
TORY BURCH: I love bold jewelry. A great cuff, necklace or ring can elevate and transform your entire look. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. It just needs to be something that you love.

You can purchase the Tory Burch fashions seen above on her website, at any of her boutiques and at Sak’s Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s. See more Designer Picks from fashion designers at Real Style Network.…

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Ex-Dior Fashion Designer John Galliano Faces Prison in Paris After Trial for Racist Abuse

John Galliano faces racism trial in Paris | John Galliano | The Guardian

He was the acclaimed Dior designer known for his extravagant gowns and remarkable creativity but in June 2011 John Galliano found himself in court in Paris trying to avoid being jailed for racist abuse.

Galliano, 50,was witnessed while racially insulting peoplein a Paris cafe, La Perle,in February 2011. Dior executives felt they had no choice but to sack the designer.

Galliano’s French lawyer, Aurelien Hamelle, said that the designer would appear in court to face charges rather than simply submitting a plea. Hamelle’s client is charged with public insults based on origin, religious affiliation, race or ethnicity. The punishment for these crimes in France can beup to six months in prison and a fine of around $30000.

Galliano allegedly insulted complete strangers, Geraldine Bloch, a 35-year-old museum curator, and her partner Philippe Virgitti, 41.Bloch claims Galliano told her she had a “dirty Jewish face” and when Virgitti protested the designer told him he was “a dirty Asian” and probably not living in France legally. Police testing Galliano after the fracas found he was drunk.

In his defence Galliano was expected to claim that he had been seeking treatment for personal problems. His addictions to alcohol and anti-depressant drugs may help to keep him out ofprison.

When he was asked by gendarmes, French police, if he had been drinking before the incident, Galliano replied that he’d had “champagne at lunch and during the afternoon I had a glass of champagne while I did my shopping. I had dinner at a brasserie where I had some more champagne and finally I had a mojito at La Perle.”

The trial will hear evidence that Galliano has previous form when it comes to racism. A video will be played in court that is said to show the fashion designer ranting at 2 Italian women, telling them that their forebears should have been “gassed”. He is also alleged to say in the video that he loved Adolf Hitler.

Since being charged, Galliano has spent 2 months in rehab, at an Arizona rehabilitation centreThe Meadows.

Mr Hamelle said that at the time of the incident in La Perle, Galliano was under a lot of commercial pressure from Dior and had been abusing his sedative medication,Valium. Consequently, the defense will argue, he was acting out of character.

Ms Bloch’s lawyer, meanwhile,claimed that Bloch is not after Galliano’s money in compensation for the insults. She apparently wanted just 1 euro in symbolic damages and thecourt’sverdict on Galliano to be widely published. As well as being published in the French and international press,Bloch wanted to see the trial and verdict covered in fashion and beauty magazines like Vogue and Elle.

Ms Bloch, as an afterword, is not Jewish.…

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Fashion Designer Nicole Miller Picks Summer Fashion Trends

Nicole Miller Spring 2020 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show | Fashion, Ready to  wear, Fashion 2020We are very proud to have renowned fashion designer Nicole Miller provide fashion tips for our readers in our exclusive Designer Picks series. Nicole Miller’s clothing line has become a staple of American fashion. Creating truly beautiful pieces of fashion is an art. American designer Nicole Miller knows this and has combined her love of the arts with her passion for fashion in her life.

Nicole Miller is known for her feminine aesthetic in fashion design. Her dresses are the essence of modern femininity being both sophisticated and flirty. She creates fashion to flatter a woman’s body. Because of this, she has created fans out of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Nicole was one of the first designers to use celebrities on the runway and stars including Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry and Eva Longoria Parker continue to flock to her designs.

Nicole Miller’s fashions often mix elements in clothes that other designers wouldn’t dare. She creates pieces that are complex and interesting. Her signature is using bright prints and patterns. She has said that the Nicole Miller woman is “She is the girl on the go, the mother, the daughter with an active lifestyle. Career woman or busy with family, she always has a lot going on in her life.”

Nicole Miller has offered some keen suggestions that will get you on track for spring fashion trends including sporty summer shorts, a great spring jacket and a spring tote. See Nicole Miller’s Designer Picks:

Real Style Network: The Hottest Fashion Trend for Spring/Summer 2010 is?
Nicole Miller: Bike shorts!

Real Style Network: Three things every woman should have in her wardrobe for spring are?
Nicole Miller: My tidal pleat bike shorts and georgette blouse or my cotton/metal biker jacket over a dress. Also a print bathing suit.

Real Style Network: The must-have accessory is?
Nicole Miller: A George, Gina & Lucy olive drab tote

Find Nicole Miller garments are available in her boutiques, on her website and at JC Penney, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales.

For more fashion tips from designers Smythe, Andy The-Anh, Greta Constantine and see our Designer Picks.…

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String Bikinis

Sexy Micro Bikini Set 2020 Thong String Bikinis Mujer Push Up Extreme  Swimsuit Gold Bra Swimwear Women Summer Triangle Swim Suit|Bikini Set| -  AliExpressProbably the most popular kind of sexy bikini is the string bikini. String bikinis have been around almost as long as the bikini itself. Likewise they have always been a favorite for women to wear and for men to enjoy. Their practical yet sexy design is what gives them so much staying power.


The Staying Power of the String Bikini

String bikinis are practical because they can fit almost anyone. The string closures allow you to tighten or loosen the bikini as you see fit. Bikinis always look better when they fit perfectly. Some of the non-string bikinis are cut in such a way that they can’t be worn by many women. String bikinis, however, allow you to adjust the positioning of the suit so that it sits correctly on your body.

String bikinis are sexy for a number of reasons. One reason is they are so tiny. Even the average size string bikini has less material than a regular two-piece bathing suit. The less material the suit has the more skin is shown; the more skin shown the hotter the suit.

Another reason string bikinis are sexy is that onlookers can imagine how easily the suit could come off. All it would take is a pull of a string or two and the wearer would be naked. Nothing could be simpler. Of course, that would never be appropriate to do in public, but the simple prospect can be appealing to some. For that reason, it might be a good idea to double knot the strings for added security.

Probably the most popular kind of sexy bikini is the string bikini. String bikinis have been around almost as long as the bikini itself. Likewise they have always been a favorite for women to wear and for men to enjoy. Their practical yet sexy design is what gives them so much staying power.


The Staying Power of the String Bikini

String bikinis are practical because they can fit almost anyone. The string closures allow you to tighten or loosen the bikini as you see fit. Bikinis always look better when they fit perfectly. Some of the non-string bikinis are cut in such a way that they can’t be worn by many women. String bikinis, however, allow you to adjust the positioning of the suit so that it sits correctly on your body.

String bikinis are sexy for a number of reasons. One reason is they are so tiny. Even the average size string bikini has less material than a regular two-piece bathing suit. The less material the suit has the more skin is shown; the more skin shown the hotter the suit.

Another reason string bikinis are sexy is that onlookers can imagine how easily the suit could come off. All it would take is a pull of a string or two and the wearer would be naked. Nothing could be simpler. Of course, that would never be appropriate to do in public, but the simple prospect can be appealing to some. For that reason, it might be a good idea to double knot the strings for added security.…

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Thong Swimsuits

White Minimal Tie Side Thong Bikini Bottoms | MissguidedMost people are concerned about the tan lines that will result from a day of tanning in a swimsuit. Of course, the perfect tan can only be acquired from tanning in the buff, but most of us don’t have that opportunity, or wouldn’t take it if we did. Consequently, we search for more revealing swimwear in order to minimize tan lines. For the lower half of the body this is best accomplished by wearing a thong swimsuit.

Thong swimsuits have little or no material in the seat of the suit. What material there is typically disappears into the fold of the bottom. The effect is the appearance that the bottom is completely uncovered. This is a very sexy look and may not be for everyone.


Types of Thong Swimsuits

There are many different kinds of thong swimsuits. In the one-piece variety there are tank suits, cutout suits, and one-piece bikinis. The thongs in these suits can either be G-string or traditional thong. The traditional thongs have approximately one inch of material down the middle. These are less revealing, but some complain that they are less comfortable than the G-string thongs.

Two-piece thong swimsuits also come in a lot of different styles. Some of the styles are distinguished by their size. Thong bikinis can be regular, micro or mini micro depending on how much material they have. The mini micro is the tiniest bikini available and it is barely legal if at all. These suits are not for the faint of heart as your bottom appears nearly naked.…

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