Vintage Clothing Stores in Southern Maine

The 10 Best Thrift Shops in Maine!

Vintage Clothing Stores in Southern Maine

While many places around the country offer various options to discover those rare gems that all collectors of vintage clothing long to find, there is no place in the country that is as much a diamond in the rough as Southern Maine is.

Any traveler who has been to various regions of the country will recognize the typical boutiques the usually line the business district of tourist traps – along the seacoast or within the cities. However there exists a unique market of vintage clothing that remains hidden within piles of otherwise ordinary used clothing.

Maine offers tourists the usual fare of boutiques along the coast, however further inland and north, the clever traveler will discover hidden jewels that are scattered throughout Southern Maine.

Heart’s Desire (207-282-6957)

Heart’s Desire is a consignment shop located at 191 Main St in Saco, Maine. It is just next door to the famous “Rapid Ray’s” – a fast food burger & hot dog restaurant that has become virtually a landmark within the town of Saco. At Heart’s Desire, you will discover a quaint consignment clothing shop tucked into a beautiful historic building.

Entering the front door, you will immediately notice a very well organized and clean shop, which maintains the historic feel of the building. The shop offers a variety of styles and types of clothing – overall a mix of both contemporary and vintage. The vintage clothes are isolated into one section of the store so that shoppers who are interested in only vintage clothing do not have to sift through hundreds of contemporary clothes to weed out the vintage gems.

This 1700 square foot shop on main street also includes vintage accessories and jewelry. The reputation of the shop has been built on quality of merchandise, and no clothing is accepted that is of poor or soiled quality.

Prices at this shop range from $29.99 and up for vintage clothes.

Hours are currently Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am-5pm, Thursday from 10am to 6pm, and Saturday from 9am to 4pm. These hours may change slightly during the approaching summer months.

Another Chance Animal Rescue Thrift Shop (207-676-9330)

Another Chance Animal Rescue is located at 37 Market Street in North Berwick, ME. Shoppers can browse an assortment of items, not only clothing but also vintage items and collectibles. However we absolutely love thrift shops, because older folks very often will donate an entire collection, even an attic full, of some of the most amazing vintage clothing you’ll find anywhere. While thrift shops such as this take more time to locate those special discoveries – most often the sheer value of the discovery in comparison to the price makes it well worth the effort. We’ve seen WWII vintage clothing, as well as 1920’s and 1930’s era skirts, dresses, and jackets – all for sale at such Thrift stores.

In addition to digging for treasure – if you have time, we strongly suggest that you visit the animals at the Animal Rescue shelter, an experience few shoppers will forget.

In addition to finding some wonderful vintage clothes, shoppers can feel good about the fact that 100% of all of the proceeds benefit the animals in the care of the Another Chance Animal Rescue.

Prices at Another Chance range from $2 up to $15.

Hours are currently Monday 10am-5pm, Tuesday-Friday 11am-4pm, and Saturdays from 10am-2pm. The shop is also open on Sundays from 12pm to 4pm during July and August.

Make sure to visit Another Chance Animal Rescue on the web at:

Salvation Army Thrift Store (207-286-1494)

The Salvation Army Thrift Store located at 435 Elm St in Biddeford, Maine is another location where the unexpected treasure can be found. The Salvation Army thrift stores accept donations of gently used clothing from the community. These stores also offer other items and collectibles, however are for the most part are loaded with gently used clothing. In much the same way as other thrift stores – there are many older members of the community who donate a large number of items to the Salvation Army. New items arrive every day.

And it is also a place that features an amazing assortment of clothing from used contemporary clothing in moderate condition, to vintage, and some times antique items in meticulous condition. It is a virtual treasure hunt. Additionally, you can feel good about your purchase – all proceeds from the sales fund the adult rehabilitation program, which assists over 216,000 individuals every single year.

These stores are generally run by volunteers and often have an unorganized low-end department store feel to them. However if you can ignore the environment, and don’t mind sifting through hundreds of pieces of clothing in order to discover one of those amazing and rare vintage pieces – this store can sometimes be a goldmine.

Priced at the Salvation Army range from $1 up to $10.

Store hours are from Monday through Saturday, 9am to 6pm.

The Good Cause Thrift Store (207-772-4903)

The Good Cause Thrift Store is located at 693 Congress Street in Portland, Maine is a very unique thrift store that is operated by Sister Mary Quinn of the Catherine McAuley high school. This thrift store also offers used clothing and an assortment of other items for the antiques hunter.

The shop is run for the most part by volunteers (about seventy of them), and all proceeds provide students with financial aid.

In an interview published on line, Sister Mary Quinn commented about what the store means to the students and the customers alike:

“May I just say, though what we do for Catherine McAuley High is measurable, what we do for our customers is beyond measure. Some come several times a day, perhaps for sociability. Many come in daily perhaps for a kind word, a hug, a warm smile or to ask for a prayer for a deceased loved one, a sick child or their impending surgery or health crisis.”

When asked where the merchandise …

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Eco-Friendly Clothing Choices for Everyone

How to Find Environmentally Friendly Clothing: 9 Helpful Tips - Trusted  Clothes

Did you know your clothes may be killing the planet? In fact, mine are too. If this sounds a bit extreme, it really isn’t. Many synthetic and artificial fabrics, such as nylon and acrylic, are forms of plastic and therefore not very biodegradable. Natural fabrics, such as cotton and hemp, break down much faster. If you’re trying to live more in tune with the planet, but don’t want to sacrifice style to do it, read on!

Clothing from a company called Rawganique offers clothing in their online store for men, women and children made from blends of natural fabrics such as organic hemp, cotton and linen. Rawganique has an extensive line which includes hemp footwear, adorable hemp and organic cotton tops, and stylish organic cotton jeans. This company won’t leave you hanging on a special occasion either; the store boasts silk-lined, hemp wedding gowns, as well as formal wear for men. Rawganique professes all of their products to be “sweat-shop free”, crafted only by fair practice and labor, and from sustainable resources. offers an equally impressive eco-friendly selection on their site, and in five brick-and-mortar stores in the Northeast part of the US. Clothing from Hempest is made of hemp, and they explain their reasons for choosing this sustainable, versatile fiber on their web site. You can find a wide assortment of trendy tops, sleek hoodies, colorful skirts and adorable undies for the ladies, while the men’s department features handsome button-downs and polo style shirts, functional cargos, and dapper chinos.

Sorry guys, but hot eco-friendly clothing source’s clothing line is strictly for the ladies! A word of caution here: the site boasts 80% of its product to be “eco-friendly”, and there is an easy way to ensure you are shopping within this majority. Simply enter the Eco-Friendly Collection area of the site to browse for organic cotton halter tops, workout gear, and shorts. You can even snag a smokin’ hot summer bikini made from recycled poly materials, or a bamboo-and-cotton stretch dress as a beach cover up!

Keep in mind that simply shopping garage sales, thrift stores and consignment shops can be quite eco-friendly, regardless of the fabrics you choose. Remember to recycle within your circle; if a friend is cleaning out her closets, ask her if you might pop by to check out her discards. See what you can use, and remind your friend to donate her unwanted wardrobe. If you are finally willing to part with your child’s baby clothes now that he’s entering college, and your niece is expecting, offer up the goods! Reusing and recycling clothes among friends and family are great ways to get a few extra seasons out of someone else’s unwanted duds.…

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Fun Bikinis

15 Funny Swimsuits For Women In 2021

The best part of bikini shopping is finding a bikini that suits your personality. Bikinis are a great way to express your fun side either at the beach, in the club or in the privacy of your own home. Bikinis come in so many different creative styles that there is definitely something for everyone.


Types of Fun Bikinis Available

Maybe the most fun bikinis are the theme bikinis. These suits might reflect a particular holiday or idea. For example, there are suits that are patriotic and have American flags on them or a camouflage print. There are also those that reflect the festivities of Christmas with Christmas trees, holly, etc. If you want to celebrate something there is probably a bikini out there that will match the theme.

Bikinis also come in great fun colors that can really make you stand out. Black bikinis are popular, but bright colors and unusual colors are far more unique. If you have a great body that you want to show off, wearing a vibrant colored suit is a great way to do that.

The shape of the suit can also make it memorable. Designers have really gotten creative over recent years and there are some amazingly cut bikinis on the market. They may or may not be very skimpy, but they are shaped in a unique way. One such bikini is the unikini, which technically a one piece suit, but is cut out in such a way that it resembles a bikini. Playing with style and color in a suit shows a fun personality.…

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Designer Wedding Dresses

Almost every bride dreams of wearing a designer wedding dress as she walks down the aisle. From the venerable fashion houses of Paris to the trendy design studios of New York City, the high-end labels are always the most well known, and for good reason. They have existed for decades and their ads grace every upscale bridal magazine, projecting an image of elegance and class.

Of course, designer wedding dresses offer much more than image. First and foremost, famous designers have built their reputations on quality. Although a wedding dress will only be worn for a few hours, the craftsmanship on these gowns is unmatched. From delicate petticoats to intricate beading, these dresses will stand the test of time and can be passed down from generation to generation.


Style and Substance

Of course, quality aside, the most eye-catching feature of most designer wedding dresses is their elegant style. The famous design houses have an unrivaled ability to imbue traditional designs with a fresh, contemporary feel. Thus, brides who are lucky enough to wear these gowns can project an image that is simultaneously classic and modern.

The challenge, of course, is finding a way to foot the bill. Most designer gowns come with hefty price tags, and you can plan to pay several thousand dollars for the more familiar names. If you’re set on going this route, talk to an experienced wedding consultant or dress distributor and look into options for finding designer dresses and discount prices.…

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