Ideas to Lower the Cost of Your Wedding Photography

20 Ways to Get Cheap Professional Wedding Photographers & VideographerSometimes you find a photographer that you really love but just can’t afford their price tag. Here are some tips for you to discuss with the photographer to help lower the cost so you can get the photography of your dreams.

Most photographers will negotiate their packages with you so don’t be afraid to ask. Just keep in mind we are businesspeople, and we do need to pay bills and make a profit just like everyone else. You shouldn’t expect your photographer to lower his price simply because you ask him to; if you want to pay less money, you’ll have to give something up. Here are some bargaining points that might help you get a lower price.

Just have one photographer

Some studios offer two or more photographers or assistants to help cover more aspects of your wedding day. Ask if you can have a discount if you only have one photographer cover your day or one of the assistants cover it instead of the main photographer. The photographer may say no because they really need their assistants with them but it never hurts to ask. It could save you a couple hundred dollars.

Skip the proofs.

Putting together proof albums is time consuming. Your photographer might not mind shaving off a bit of the fee if he doesn’t have to spend time making proofs for you. Try asking if he will give you your prints in a box, or even simply images (edited and retouched) on a DVD. You may even save more if you except them unedited because you’ll be saving your photographer even more time. With high resolution images on DVD, you can upload the images to an online gallery, put together a proof album yourself, or print only your absolute favorites. You can also wait to make prints later, when your bank account has bounced back from the wedding. Of course getting the images on DVD may also be expensive so you could ask just to have the images displayed online or come to the photographer’s studio to view them so you can choose to only buy the ones you really want.

Have less coverage.

Many photographers offer unlimited time on your wedding day, from getting ready shots in the morning until the last guest departs the reception. That is a very long day for any photographer. Consider limiting coverage to the wedding ceremony and only two or three hours of the reception. (If you do this, plan for all your major “events” such as cake-cutting, bouquet toss, etc. to fall within that time period.) You might choose to only have photojournalistic coverage and skip all the family and bridal party formals that take a lot of time on your wedding day. If you really want those formals then only book ceremony and formal coverage at the church and let a friend shoot the reception for you.

Get rid of all the extras.

A lot of wedding photography packages are expensive because they include a lot of extras like the couples album, parent albums, enlargements, guest books, engagement sessions, etc. Ask the photographer to take some of those extras out. Let the parents order their own albums and reprints. You can always order your wedding album and reprints later after you have recovered your bank account. If your photographer offers the images on DVD you can always make these items yourself.

Get married in the off season.

You’ll have far less bargaining power during the busy season, April through October. But if your wedding is between November and March you might get lucky. (This tip is less relevant to brides and grooms who live in places with year-round warm weather.) Some photographers offer deals and discounts during these months to attract business.

Get married on a week day.

Just like the slow season between November and March, photographers will offer deals and discounts to fill their week day calendar with weddings. Ask your photographer if they will discount their price if you get married on Friday or Sunday or any other date of the week. You may find that you will get discounts on all your other vendors as well allowing you to book your photographer longer and include more options with your package.

Ask your photographer if they do a gift registry

Do you and your fiancé already have everything you need for the home? Most couples do now a days so why not register for gift certificates with your photographer and let your guests pay for your photography. If you’re worried you’ll get to many certificates just give the registry out to a select few.

Ask for suggestions.

Simply ask, “What can we do to lower the price?” Wedding photographers want your business. Your photographer might have some suggestions that you hadn’t even thought of, so don’t be afraid to ask.

None of these bargaining ideas are a guarantee, but a fair and reasonable approach will go a long way toward getting you a discount on those gorgeous wedding pictures.…

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San Antonio Wedding Photographers

San Antonio wedding photographers have many choices for creating a beautiful collection of photos. One of the favorite spots for a wedding party to gather is on the Riverwalk. There are many locations along this scenic waterway that offer the perfect photo shoot. Many weddings are held in the ballrooms of hotels that line the river. Following the ceremony, the wedding party moves outdoors for pictures.

One question that always arises concerns the proper placement for the receiving line. Traditionally, the order is the bride’s parents then the groom’s parents followed by the bride and groom. Some receiving lines include the honor attendants as well. In that case, the maid of honor will be next followed by the bridesmaids.

Backdrops for San Antonio Wedding Photographers

Some receiving lines are formed after the ceremony to receive guests as they leave the chapel for the reception. Other lines are formed in the reception area to recognize guests as they enter. The choice is really up to the bride and groom in consideration of the type of facilities used and where there will be room for a backlog of people waiting to greet the newlyweds.

When it is time for the couple to leave, tradition dictates throwing rice. Many couples have opted to use birdseed instead of rice. A great idea that adds a distinct touch to the reception photographs is to supply the guests with small plastic bubble bottles. As the guests blow bubbles on the couple, it adds a reflection to the pictures that is missing with rice or birdseed.…

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Tahiti Wedding

If you want to start your marriage off in a way that is non-traditional, why not plan a Tahiti wedding? The atmosphere alone is enough to entice you to the island. Its beauty will engulf you and you will be simply entranced by your surroundings. The accommodations that are available for weddings is limited only by your choices for the occasion.

There are wedding ceremonies that are available that carry the cultural traditions of the Tahitians. You can have a day-long ceremony with a Tahitian priest along with music and dance for celebration. Or you can have a simple sunset ritual to exchange vows. The highlight of a full-blown ceremony is having the groom arrive at the beach in a canoe as the bride is carried on a wicker throne.

Plan Your Tahiti Wedding Today

After the wedding, you can spend your honeymoon in either elegant accommodations with a fabulous ocean view or you can stay in an over water bungalow. Either way you are certain to have a pleasant experience that will be a memory maker for a lifetime. The activities that are available for your enjoyment include land activities such as tennis, horseback riding, golf, and hiking. The water activities that are available include surfing, snorkeling, sailing, and fishing.

The Internet is your best place to find all you need to know to plan a Tahiti wedding. Check out the best deals that are available and take advantage of the many online offers for discounts on various packages. You are certain to find just what you need to make your wedding the dream of a lifetime.…

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Wedding Chapels In Nevada

Wedding chapels in Nevada are easy to find, but the best place to look is certainly Nevada’s capitol of fun: Las Vegas. Wedding chapels dot the Vegas landscape, and some of them are even located on the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. What better place to get married than right in the heart of the action?

You’re looking to get married in Nevada because you want to have fun. Having visited the state several times, I can tell you first hand that the place is made for fun. Imagine a place where you can pick up your marriage license in only a few minutes (as long as you have $55 in cash in your pocket), get married, and then hit the town for a night of excitement.


How to Find Wedding Chapels in Nevada

You probably don’t want to drive all around the state of Nevada to find a place to get married. It’s a big state, and it would take you a long time. The good news is you’re already on the right path to finding the right wedding chapels in Nevada. Browsing the internet for only a few minutes will turn up quite a few chapels that you’ll love!

Most wedding chapels in Nevada have their own websites, with detailed information about pricing and the different packages they offer. And the best sites even offer you the opportunity to make your reservation online. Within a few minutes, you can decide on all the details of your wedding, and even book a specific day!…

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Quick Las Vegas Weddings

Quick Las Vegas weddings can be fun for anyone. Sure, we’ve all dreamed of the traditional wedding in the little white church in our home town, but that kind of wedding comes with a lot of strings attached. Getting married in Vegas can be fast, fun and easy.

If you’re ready to take the plunge but are wary of the typical wedding-related stress, Quick Las Vegas weddings could be the perfect solution for you. Invite who you want, don’t worry about reserving a location six months in advance, and have the whole thing planned in a day or two! Then fly to Vegas (or drive, if you’re close enough) and you don’t have to worry about anything other than having a good time.


Quick Las Vegas Weddings Are Easy

Typical weddings take months–even years–to plan. A cousin of mine is getting married four months from now, and she was working on reserving a location at least six months ago, and she didn’t even get her first choice! The countryside farm she was interested in getting married at was booked up for the entire fall.

Quick Las Vegas Weddings avoid all the headaches of advanced planning. The chapels are easy to book; you can even find them and make reservations online. Hotels are plentiful, so you won’t have trouble finding a place you and your fiancée to stay. And all your friends and loved ones won’t have to plan so far in advance, they can always hop on a place to Vegas and find a hotel on the spot!…

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Getting The Most From A Wedding Budget

How to get the most out of your wedding budget (and yes you do need a bu...  | Budget wedding, Budgeting, Wedding

Today saving money is important. The economy is unstable so you need to squeeze every last cent out of your budget. That doesn’t always mean looking for the cheapest prices.

In fact, many people find this doesn’t really help at all. Sometimes buying cheap means you get stuck with inferior products, and therefore it seems like you ended up spending more. You also get stuck with items you may not like, or with products that simply break and become unusable quickly and that isn’t any fun.

If you really want to learn how to stretch a buck, you just need to make what you buy count for more. One way engaged couples are doing this is by finding wedding accessories that can be used after the wedding. This way they don’t just spend a whole lot of money on accessories they are only going to use once.

The most popular dual function items include bridal purses that can be used as evening bags, and cake toppers and other decorations that they know will act as valuable keepsakes after the wedding. When a bride buys one of these bridal purses, they are actually buying something they can use on their honeymoon and every special night after wards. It’s just like getting a purse for herself, except its own she will use and remember on her wedding day.

Even wedding manufacturers are getting into the trend by making dual role bridal purses, and other accessories that can be used for two or three things during the wedding ceremony. Many of the favors these companies make can be used as decorations during the reception or wedding, then taken home as favors for the guests. These include unity candle holders, place card frames and other table decorations.

The most popular so far are the bridal purses, which are actually very nice evening bags with a bridal tone. they are decorative, functional and something any bride would use during her ceremony or after.…

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Island Weddings

If you are getting married or just renewing your vows, why not let the elaborate festivities that surround island weddings be a setting for your big event? You can choose anything from a day-long ceremony to a simple sunset ritual for the setting to exchange your vows. Part of the event can include the groom arriving at the beach in a canoe and the bride being carried on a rattan throne. Can you imagine this kind of ceremony anywhere except Tahiti? It would certainly add a special touch to your vows.

Imagine the memories of a ceremony that is so different from the normal. You will have memories to cherish and talk about for a lifetime. There are many resorts that cater to the entire wedding scene from rehearsal right through to a honeymoon that will take your breath away. The beauty of Tahiti is a majestic backdrop to plan your ceremony around.

Island Weddings Are Unique

If you want to add another dimension to your island wedding, then plan to spend your honeymoon in an over-water bungalow. These are made with a thatched roof and have all the luxury amenities that you could desire. You can have breakfast delivered to your door by outrigger canoe! Enjoy the privacy without isolation.

The Internet is a great place to check out island weddings and all that is offered. You can find the best price and make all your arrangements for travel and accommodations with just a few clicks of the mouse. There is no need to leave the comfort of home to plan your wedding of a lifetime. Package deals are available that can probably save you money.…

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Budget Wedding Packages

Budget wedding packages can be the perfect answer for those who don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on their weddings, but still want the day to be special. Forget having to make multiple calls to caterers, musicians, and the like. If you find yourself a good budget wedding package, you can get everything for one price!

The best place to look for budget wedding packages is definitely on the Internet. And this site has a lot of information about what you need to keep in mind while searching for the right package. If you’re new to the wedding game you might not know exactly what you need or how much it’s going to cost. Surfing around the internet for a few hours can answer all of your questions.


Budget Wedding Packages Online

In some of the more popular wedding destinations, like Las Vegas, you’ll find hundreds of businesses that specialize in budget wedding packages. Clicking through their websites will help you learn what you can expect from a budget wedding package. It will also help you discover what can kind of packages you can get that still fit your budget.

Las Vegas has plenty wedding chapels that offer budget wedding packages. Typically, the packages include a chapel fee, as well as photographs and some other extras. By reserving one of these packages online, you can get a head start on your wedding planning, and all you’ll have to worry about is getting to Vegas!…

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