Designer Wedding Dresses

Almost every bride dreams of wearing a designer wedding dress as she walks down the aisle. From the venerable fashion houses of Paris to the trendy design studios of New York City, the high-end labels are always the most well known, and for good reason. They have existed for decades and their ads grace every upscale bridal magazine, projecting an image of elegance and class.

Of course, designer wedding dresses offer much more than image. First and foremost, famous designers have built their reputations on quality. Although a wedding dress will only be worn for a few hours, the craftsmanship on these gowns is unmatched. From delicate petticoats to intricate beading, these dresses will stand the test of time and can be passed down from generation to generation.


Style and Substance

Of course, quality aside, the most eye-catching feature of most designer wedding dresses is their elegant style. The famous design houses have an unrivaled ability to imbue traditional designs with a fresh, contemporary feel. Thus, brides who are lucky enough to wear these gowns can project an image that is simultaneously classic and modern.

The challenge, of course, is finding a way to foot the bill. Most designer gowns come with hefty price tags, and you can plan to pay several thousand dollars for the more familiar names. If you’re set on going this route, talk to an experienced wedding consultant or dress distributor and look into options for finding designer dresses and discount prices.