Eco-Friendly Clothing Choices for Everyone

How to Find Environmentally Friendly Clothing: 9 Helpful Tips - Trusted  Clothes

How to Find Environmentally Friendly Clothing: 9 Helpful Tips - Trusted  Clothes

Did you know your clothes may be killing the planet? In fact, mine are too. If this sounds a bit extreme, it really isn’t. Many synthetic and artificial fabrics, such as nylon and acrylic, are forms of plastic and therefore not very biodegradable. Natural fabrics, such as cotton and hemp, break down much faster. If you’re trying to live more in tune with the planet, but don’t want to sacrifice style to do it, read on!

Clothing from a company called Rawganique offers clothing in their online store for men, women and children made from blends of natural fabrics such as organic hemp, cotton and linen. Rawganique has an extensive line which includes hemp footwear, adorable hemp and organic cotton tops, and stylish organic cotton jeans. This company won’t leave you hanging on a special occasion either; the store boasts silk-lined, hemp wedding gowns, as well as formal wear for men. Rawganique professes all of their products to be “sweat-shop free”, crafted only by fair practice and labor, and from sustainable resources. offers an equally impressive eco-friendly selection on their site, and in five brick-and-mortar stores in the Northeast part of the US. Clothing from Hempest is made of hemp, and they explain their reasons for choosing this sustainable, versatile fiber on their web site. You can find a wide assortment of trendy tops, sleek hoodies, colorful skirts and adorable undies for the ladies, while the men’s department features handsome button-downs and polo style shirts, functional cargos, and dapper chinos.

Sorry guys, but hot eco-friendly clothing source’s clothing line is strictly for the ladies! A word of caution here: the site boasts 80% of its product to be “eco-friendly”, and there is an easy way to ensure you are shopping within this majority. Simply enter the Eco-Friendly Collection area of the site to browse for organic cotton halter tops, workout gear, and shorts. You can even snag a smokin’ hot summer bikini made from recycled poly materials, or a bamboo-and-cotton stretch dress as a beach cover up!

Keep in mind that simply shopping garage sales, thrift stores and consignment shops can be quite eco-friendly, regardless of the fabrics you choose. Remember to recycle within your circle; if a friend is cleaning out her closets, ask her if you might pop by to check out her discards. See what you can use, and remind your friend to donate her unwanted wardrobe. If you are finally willing to part with your child’s baby clothes now that he’s entering college, and your niece is expecting, offer up the goods! Reusing and recycling clothes among friends and family are great ways to get a few extra seasons out of someone else’s unwanted duds.