Thong Swimsuits

White Minimal Tie Side Thong Bikini Bottoms | Missguided

White Minimal Tie Side Thong Bikini Bottoms | MissguidedMost people are concerned about the tan lines that will result from a day of tanning in a swimsuit. Of course, the perfect tan can only be acquired from tanning in the buff, but most of us don’t have that opportunity, or wouldn’t take it if we did. Consequently, we search for more revealing swimwear in order to minimize tan lines. For the lower half of the body this is best accomplished by wearing a thong swimsuit.

Thong swimsuits have little or no material in the seat of the suit. What material there is typically disappears into the fold of the bottom. The effect is the appearance that the bottom is completely uncovered. This is a very sexy look and may not be for everyone.


Types of Thong Swimsuits

There are many different kinds of thong swimsuits. In the one-piece variety there are tank suits, cutout suits, and one-piece bikinis. The thongs in these suits can either be G-string or traditional thong. The traditional thongs have approximately one inch of material down the middle. These are less revealing, but some complain that they are less comfortable than the G-string thongs.

Two-piece thong swimsuits also come in a lot of different styles. Some of the styles are distinguished by their size. Thong bikinis can be regular, micro or mini micro depending on how much material they have. The mini micro is the tiniest bikini available and it is barely legal if at all. These suits are not for the faint of heart as your bottom appears nearly naked.