G String Bikinis

File:Two girls in g-string-bikinis on runway.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

File:Two girls in g-string-bikinis on runway.jpg - Wikimedia Commons



G-string bikinis are the ultimate in sexy swim wear. If it is eye-catching and jaw-dropping you are looking for, look no further than the G-string bikini. If a swimsuit has a G-string bottom, you can be sure it has an equally racy top. That makes quite a sexy set and will not only garnish a lot of attention, it will make the wearer feel sexier.

If you have that great model body that can rock a G-string to the beach, more power to you. Odds are you have worked very hard for that body and deserve lots of kudos. However, the average woman is not quite there. Average women may think that G-strings are not for them, but that’s not true.


Tanning in G-string Bikinis

G-strings do have a practical purpose besides showing off a sculpted body. Many people choose to wear G-strings to the tanning salon because they leave less tan lines than the average bikini. This is a great option if you would rather not be totally nude in a tanning bed, but don’t want to have a two-toned bottom.

In the same vein, G-strings can be great for tanning outside of the tanning salon. Some people might be shier than others about wearing next to nothing at the beach, but if you have a private yard or pool, or know someone who does, you can tan there. Some avid tanners suggest getting a base tan before going to the beach, and the minimal tan lines left by G-strings and tiny tops won’t be seen if you are wearing a suit with more coverage.