Vintage Clothing Outlets in East End of London: Buy Vintage Fashion Clothes in Brick Lane London E1

London East End Brick Lane The Hunky Dory vintage used second hand old  clothes shop store Stock Photo - Alamy

London East End Brick Lane The Hunky Dory vintage used second hand old  clothes shop store Stock Photo - Alamy


Not only is this area heaving with great vintage outlets, but the atmosphere is young and lively, the area is a historical monument to London’s vibrant immigrant history and the streets are packed with wonderful Bangladeshi cafes and restaurants.

A stroll down this famous East End lane is a pleasure in itself as the aroma of world-famous curries wafts from dozens of cafes and restaurants. Those looking for vintage clothing will be doubly pleased – beautiful food and fabulous fashions combine to make a day out in Brick Lane the near- perfect shopping experience. Here are some of the best known vintage clothing outlets.

Vintage Heaven, Brick Lane

Vintage Heaven is competitively priced and extremely well-stocked. There are racks of fifties and sixties dresses, blouses, knitwear – all in fabulous materials. Some of the garments are worn in places, so inspect carefully and consider a little mending. After all, these are great bargains and a small tear or loose button here and there is a small price to pay.

This vintage retro shop is probably the cheapest in the Brick Lane area.

This Shop Rocks, 131 Brick Lane

Run by owner, designer and buyer, Tim Sanderson, this classy vintage outlet is famous for Tim’s tailored creations made from vintage materials. His prices reflect the attention to detail and pure craftsmanship of his creations. Tim, who has worked extensively in the film industry, sees himself not just as a buyer, but as a design historian.


The ready-made vintage clothes in This Shop Rocks are all chosen personally by Tim.

Rokit Vintage, 101 Brick LaneThis vintage clothing store started out as a market stall in Camden. It prides itself on not only stocking authentic vintage classics but unique and quirkily original outfits too. Their items have been used in photo shoots for magazine features in publications like Vogue and Dazed and Confused. So, if you want something a bit different, this is the place to be.

Some on-line reviews have found the shop a little over-priced, whilst others have said they are prepared to pay slightly over the odds for a unique item that can’t be found outside London.

They also have a very good on-line vintage clothes store.

Beyond Retro, 110-112 Cheshire Street, off Brick Lane

Towards the end of Brick Lane there’s a side street where Beyond Retro can be found. It was one of the first vintage clothes shop to open in this area of the East End and is housed in an ex-dairy. It’s a massive area, full of everything vintage for both men, women and children. You can even find old clown costumes. This space is an absolute delight to wander around and prices are reasonable.

Nameless Little Shop, Cheshire Street

Mention should be made of a nameless little shop next door to Beyond Retro, which sells bargain footwear and is definitely worth exploring. It has distinguished itself by placing a rough, home-made sign above its door, written in black felt pen:

“The Devil Wears Prada but the People Wear £5 Plimsolls”.

Brick Lane Sunday Market

The famous Brick Lane Sunday Market brims over with treasures and trash. Clothes and footwear spill onto the pavements and amongst the random assortment of curios and calamities there just might be that genuine item of vintage clothing.

The market is open from early morning until about 14.00 on Sundays only. It’s a long market with lots of diversions to waylay even the experienced shopper, so make sure to allow plenty of time. On the journey there are lots of food stalls, bagel bakeries and cafes – essential for keeping up one’s strength.

Undercover Market

A little way down Brick Lane, on the East side of the old Truman Brewery, there is an undercover market. It is easily recognisable by the wonderful stalls outside selling Mexican street food. In this market are a couple of vintage clothes stalls which sometimes have some great bargains. For instance, quite recently a Missoni vintage dress was spotted for a mere £10.

Brick Lane is one of the world’s most vibrant communities. A day’s shopping in this area of London’s East End is a mixture of great atmosphere, fabulous bakeries, wonderful Bangladeshi restaurants and, most important of all, a great opportunity for some vintage retail therapy.