Dog Fashions

Dog fashions range from the simple sweater to elaborate Halloween costumes. The range you stock will be entirely dependent on the desires of your customers. Dog lover apparel is a great way to start out in the dog apparel market.

Matching owner/pet clothing is a tried-and-true favorite among pet owners. Nothing is as heartwarming for them as seeing their beloved dog wearing a miniature version of their own sweater or coat. Once they see how cute these dog fashions are, even the most skeptical of dog owners will become a fan of dog clothes.


Marketing Dog Fashions

Some dog owners still feel there is a social stigma against dog clothes. They might feel they are silly or unnecessary. However, these owners have most likely not seen the quality or luxury available to today’s pampered pooch. This is where proper marketing comes in.

In your flyers or advertisements, it’s key to include very different styles of clothing. Your regular customers will enjoy seeing all your products on a regular basis, but you should also target new customers. The dog owners who are skeptical about dog clothes are not likely to be enthusiastic about complete matching ensembles, but they may be swayed by a gorgeous but simple wool sweater made from hand-dyed yarn.