Fashion Design Career

A fashion design career has been your dream since you were a little girl. As long as you can remember you’ve had a passion for style. When the college application process began you only had one thing in mind.

What you may not have expected was the amount of colleges and universities that offer a degree in fashion design and merchandising. You hadn’t really considered moving far away from home, but if the right program required relocating to Arizona, you would do it. The research process was less labor-intensive than you expected, and for one good reason only.

Get Started with Your Fashion Design Career

The internet provided you with the search tools necessary to locate the ideal place to initiate your fashion design career. With a few hours spent on line not only did you locate the top fashion design schools in the United States, but you browsed university websites in an effort to get a feel for campus life. In only one afternoon you had determined the four schools you would apply to.

Upon completion of your fashion design degree, you’ll be headed to New York in search of work. With so many fashion icons living in New York you’re bound to find a position where you can express your talent. Soon people will be buying your clothing line off the racks at department stores.