Fashion Group Bed Frames

Those who place a premium on good sleep and aesthetic design naturally are drawn to Fashion Group Bed frames. The Fashion Bed Group has built a trusted, well-respected producer of attractive, high quality products, and their bed frames are no exception. Form and function merge seamlessly in pieces that are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Good sleep is central to healthy functioning. It restores and revitalizes us and promotes a sense of general well-being. By contrast, poor sleep can have a number of deleterious effects, including impaired judgment and decision-making and increased risk for affective disorders. Although scientific research supports the importance of proper sleep, most of us understand the consequences of poor sleep from first-hand experience. To be sure, we are never at our best after a night of tossing and turning.


If You Build It, Sleep Will Come

Our basic biological need for sleep underscores the importance of proper bedroom accommodations. A firm mattress and high-thread count sheets are the first things that spring to mind. However, the true foundation of any bed is the frame. A good frame keeps a mattress grounded and even and can preserve its integrity over years of use.

A bed should be built from the ground up. Start with a high quality frame and mattress and then look for sheets and pillows designed to promote healthy sleep cycles. If you put the proper foundation in place, you will likely find that good sleep comes naturally the minute you hit the sheets.