Fashion Rings

The sky is the limit with fashion rings. These fun and dramatic pieces are designed to give you a lot of glamour without breaking the banks. While some of them are meant to look as much like fine (expensive) jewelry as possible, others are blatantly not genuine, and just make great accessories if you want to change your look regularly but don’t have a lot of money to spend on jewelry.

Where to Wear Fashion Rings

You can wear fashion rings anywhere. They are appropriate in most work environments, on dates, evenings out, proms, or any other occasion when you want a little sparkle. Chances are if you wear what appears to be a 4 carat diamond to your high school prom, people will know it’s not real, but then again – who cares!

Fashion rings give you a chance to wear jewelry that otherwise only royalty and a few very rich people can wear. They are made with a spirit of fun, but can still possess truly beautiful designs. If you look around a bit, you may find fashion rings that are truly stunning.

Some fashion rings are more upscale than others. They may be set in 10K gold, but more likely will be gold-plated, meaning the outer, visible metal is gold, but inside is copper, bronze or another less expensive metal. They may also be made with real diamonds, rubies or other stones that are flawed in a way that reduces their monetary value, but not their beauty.