Kirin Stone Jewelry

Kirin Stone Jewelry is among the most sought-after jewelry in the world. This demand is attributable to two central elements of the stone: it's age, and the brilliant palette of colors that inhabit the stone. No age before beauty in this scenario: in the case of Kirin Stone Jewelry, you get the best of both.

In terms of age, few if any gemstone on earth can surpass the Kirin. These stones are millions of years old, the fossilized remnants of prehistoric shells. These stones have been preserved beautifully in the ocean near Alberta, Canada; it's hard to believe that they've ever looked better than they do today.

Kirin Stone Jewelry: Name Games

Is any of this sounding familiar? Well, let's continue: Kirin Stones contain up to seven colors, which make them both valuable to the art of Feng Shui as well as exceedingly gorgeous to look at. The best of the stones have two to three bright colors in combination.

So can you guess by what other name these stones go by? Yes, you're right–they're also called Ammolite stones! No matter what you call them, their beauty is simply unquestionable.