Jewelry Making Supplies

One of the great things about jewelry making as a hobby, or even as a business, is that it doesn’t require a huge investment in supplies. Unlike sculpture or lithography, you’re working with small stones! All you’ll need to get started is stringing material, findings, a few tools, and lots of beads.

Basic Tools for Jewelry Making

There are three tools you’ll need for basic jewelry making. Chain nose pliers are used for crimping beads to make necklaces and bracelets and, as the name implies, opening and closing links in a chain. Round nose pliers are used to make loops for dangles or earrings. Most pieces these days are strung on wire, so you’ll need a pair of wire cutters.

Stringing material can be cord, thread, wire, or even a leather thong. With the exception of pearls, which are strung on thread with a knot between each bead, much of today’s jewelry is done on thin, flexible beading wire, such as C-Flex, a 49-strand flexible beading wire. Memory wire, another commonly used material, is a hard, stainless steel wire that holds its shape, and comes in sizes for necklaces, bracelets, and even rings. Memory wire is typically used by children for more multiple strand bracelets.

Findings are the things like earring wires, clasps and pin backs that make your jewelry wearable. That leaves you with the part that’s the most fun–choosing your beads, pendants and charms. There is such an amazing variety of jewelry components available, from vintage to hip hop, that you can find whatever you might be looking for. And it’s even more fun when you find something you didn’t know you had to have.