Pearl Jewelry

I was raised with the firm belief that every woman needs a strand of pearls. Pearl jewelry, my mother assured me, was going to save me from sartorial disaster more than once. She claimed that all a woman needed to dress up even the plainest outfit was a good strand of pearls. A cashmere sweater and a pair of pants was fancy enough to wear to even the best restaurants–as long as I wore pearls.

Pearl Jewelry as a Gift for Young People

I received my first strand of pearls when I turned 16. My parents wanted to treat me to something beautiful, but they also wanted to instill in me the notion that a jewelry collection is something to be built wisely, over time. Instead of wasting my money on every mood ring or J-Lo knock off that caught my eye, they were hoping I would make smart choices in order to build a jewelry collection of versatility and quality.

I have worn that strand of pearls countless times since my 16th birthday, and I’ve added to it since. Because my tastes are less conservative than my parents, I tend to favor black pearls. I have black pearl studs, as well as dangling, white pearl earrings. My mom was right: pearls have saved me from looking inappropriately under-dressed more times than I can count.

This is an ideal gift to give to a young woman. If you want to prepare her to ace job or college interviews, equip her with pearls. Pearl jewelry is the perfect gift for the little girl who is turning into a young lady. Of course, if your particular young lady hates looking lady-like, you may want to start her off with something a little funkier, like black pearls or “illusion” necklaces. It’s a compromise you’ll both be very happy with.