South Sea Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry can come from a variety of places, including Tahiti, China and Japan. Tahiti produces the coveted Tahitian black pearl, which originates in the black lipped variety of the pinctada maxima oyster. These pearls are remarkable for their dark color, as well as their size. Chinese and Japanese oyster farms produce beautiful Akoya pearls, known for their gleaming luster and flawless surfaces.

Most South Sea pearl jewelry comes from the pearl farms of Australia. Australia produces incredibly beautiful pearls, known for the quality of their nacre. Nacre is an organic substance which makes up most of the body of any pearl. It is a type of calcium carbonate, which forms in layers around a nucleus. In nature, this nucleus might be a pebble, a chip of shell, or a stray insect. In cultivated pearls, the nucleus is a tiny bead which is placed inside the oyster shell deliberately.

Finding South Sea Pearl Jewelry

The easiest place to find a wide variety of beautiful South Sea pearl jewelry is online. I have noticed that the selection of pearls in most jewelry stores is very limited. They often have only a single case devoted to pearl jewelry.

Visit an online pearl jewelry shop, on the other hand, and you’ll find an amazing variety of pearls from every corner of the world. These pearls are made into earrings, rings, sets, necklaces and bracelets. They are used in pins and brooches, or sold as bridal sets. You can find glamorous pearl pendants or dramatic pearl ropes. Finding this level of variety and quality at your local jewelry store is highly unlikely.