Wholesale Jewelry Supply

If one is in the jewelry business, one needs to have access to a good wholesale jewelry supply source. Whether one specializes in body jewelry or has a discreet clientele of diamond lovers, a good wholesale supply source for all jewelry demands needs to be discovered. Most retail jewelry stores rely on such supply companies in order to buy wholesale jewelry at a low cost.

The wholesale jewelry supply market is filled to the brim with different areas of expertise. Some distributors help to sell wholesale body jewelry to punk or youthful shops like those found on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles. Others may make bulk supplies of earring parts, beads, wire making tools and other such supplies for those in the handcrafted jewelry business.


Other Types of Wholesale Jewelry Supply Options

In addition to tools, building materials and actual whole pieces of jewelry, some businesses need to stock up on maintenance supplies. Because many customers may loose the backings to their jewelry, or a tongue ring owner might swallow a ball bearing, always having a good collection of replacement parts at hand is a great idea. Buying bulk body jewelry products at the beginning of the year will prepare the retail owner for any emergencies or customer needs at any time.

Finally, buying wholesale cleaning supplies and displaying them alongside the body jewelry is also a good move. People sometimes forget that proper care and prevention of infections is an important part of having a body piercing, whether in the ear, belly, mouth, face or nose. By including these items along with the rest of your wholesale body jewelry supply order, a retail owner can cover all the bases regarding his or her customers.