Wholesale Navel Jewelry

Finding the easiest and most cost-effective wholesale navel jewelry source is essential for any business interested in embarking into the world of body jewelry. With the popularity of belly rings on the rise, it is now more important than ever for a retail business to have a good inventory of these lovely belly jewels always available. Navel rings are now found in shopping malls and kiosks across the world, a testament to their growing acceptance in the world.

There are several varieties of navel decorations in a multitude of colors, metals and logos. Bars are the easiest to install, as they only require a simple post and end ball bearing. Rings are the simplest form of piercing, although it can be augmented with hanging pendants, charms, jewels or chains.


Distributors Offer Wholesale Navel Jewelry to the Public!

While some people feel forced to comparison shop between retail stores, few know that discount body jewelry can be right at their own fingertips. Most of the factory body jewelry companies who supply all the many retail stores in the country offer the exact same prices for the paying public. However, the retail shops don’t like anyone to hear this for fear of their own markup and profit.

One can find wholesale navel jewelry through online websites built just for the average consumer. A body jewelry catalog is set up, featuring an electronic shopping cart. The customer can either choose one or two single pieces of wholesale navel body jewelry or save a bunch per count by purchasing in bulk.