Jewelry Making Supplies

One of the great things about jewelry making as a hobby, or even as a business, is that it doesn’t require a huge investment in supplies. Unlike sculpture or lithography, you’re working with small stones! All you’ll need to get started is stringing material, findings, a few tools, and lots of beads.

Basic Tools for Jewelry Making

There are three tools you’ll need for basic jewelry making. Chain nose pliers are used for crimping beads to make necklaces and bracelets and, as the name implies, opening and closing links in a chain. Round nose pliers are used to make loops for dangles or earrings. Most pieces these days are strung on wire, so you’ll need a pair of wire cutters.

Stringing material can be cord, thread, wire, or even a leather thong. With the exception of pearls, which are strung on thread with a knot between each bead, much of today’s jewelry is done on thin, flexible beading wire, such as C-Flex, a 49-strand flexible beading wire. Memory wire, another commonly used material, is a hard, stainless steel wire that holds its shape, and comes in sizes for necklaces, bracelets, and even rings. Memory wire is typically used by children for more multiple strand bracelets.

Findings are the things like earring wires, clasps and pin backs that make your jewelry wearable. That leaves you with the part that’s the most fun–choosing your beads, pendants and charms. There is such an amazing variety of jewelry components available, from vintage to hip hop, that you can find whatever you might be looking for. And it’s even more fun when you find something you didn’t know you had to have.…

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Black Titanium Jewelry

As more and more people are having their rings, bracelets, and earrings custom-made, black titanium jewelry has taken center stage. Black is elegant, bold, simple, classic, and completely versatile. It has a chameleon affect, changing according to it’s surroundings.

That is why the appeal of black titanium jewelry is so great. It can be worn as a simple black titanium ring, or paired with a pendant necklace and earrings. Black titanium can hold down the fort alone, or it can complement other pieces of jewelry and clothing.

Black Is Chic and Stylish

Perhaps when you think of black jewelry, you immediately picture onyx. Black titanium jewelry is better than onyx in that it is very durable and scratch resistant, making it an ideal choice for rings and bracelets. Titanium is one of the strongest metals available today, so strong in fact that it is used in the construction of aerospace parts!

If you are a big fan of black, and love to accessorize with it, than black titanium may be the way to go. You can buy anything from black titanium rings to black titanium earrings and pendants. If you can imagine it, than it can be designed and created for many years of future enjoyment.…

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Fashion Group Bed Frames

Those who place a premium on good sleep and aesthetic design naturally are drawn to Fashion Group Bed frames. The Fashion Bed Group has built a trusted, well-respected producer of attractive, high quality products, and their bed frames are no exception. Form and function merge seamlessly in pieces that are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Good sleep is central to healthy functioning. It restores and revitalizes us and promotes a sense of general well-being. By contrast, poor sleep can have a number of deleterious effects, including impaired judgment and decision-making and increased risk for affective disorders. Although scientific research supports the importance of proper sleep, most of us understand the consequences of poor sleep from first-hand experience. To be sure, we are never at our best after a night of tossing and turning.


If You Build It, Sleep Will Come

Our basic biological need for sleep underscores the importance of proper bedroom accommodations. A firm mattress and high-thread count sheets are the first things that spring to mind. However, the true foundation of any bed is the frame. A good frame keeps a mattress grounded and even and can preserve its integrity over years of use.

A bed should be built from the ground up. Start with a high quality frame and mattress and then look for sheets and pillows designed to promote healthy sleep cycles. If you put the proper foundation in place, you will likely find that good sleep comes naturally the minute you hit the sheets.…

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Pearl Jewelry

I was raised with the firm belief that every woman needs a strand of pearls. Pearl jewelry, my mother assured me, was going to save me from sartorial disaster more than once. She claimed that all a woman needed to dress up even the plainest outfit was a good strand of pearls. A cashmere sweater and a pair of pants was fancy enough to wear to even the best restaurants–as long as I wore pearls.

Pearl Jewelry as a Gift for Young People

I received my first strand of pearls when I turned 16. My parents wanted to treat me to something beautiful, but they also wanted to instill in me the notion that a jewelry collection is something to be built wisely, over time. Instead of wasting my money on every mood ring or J-Lo knock off that caught my eye, they were hoping I would make smart choices in order to build a jewelry collection of versatility and quality.

I have worn that strand of pearls countless times since my 16th birthday, and I’ve added to it since. Because my tastes are less conservative than my parents, I tend to favor black pearls. I have black pearl studs, as well as dangling, white pearl earrings. My mom was right: pearls have saved me from looking inappropriately under-dressed more times than I can count.

This is an ideal gift to give to a young woman. If you want to prepare her to ace job or college interviews, equip her with pearls. Pearl jewelry is the perfect gift for the little girl who is turning into a young lady. Of course, if your particular young lady hates looking lady-like, you may want to start her off with something a little funkier, like black pearls or “illusion” necklaces. It’s a compromise you’ll both be very happy with.…

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San Antonio Wedding Photographers

San Antonio wedding photographers have many choices for creating a beautiful collection of photos. One of the favorite spots for a wedding party to gather is on the Riverwalk. There are many locations along this scenic waterway that offer the perfect photo shoot. Many weddings are held in the ballrooms of hotels that line the river. Following the ceremony, the wedding party moves outdoors for pictures.

One question that always arises concerns the proper placement for the receiving line. Traditionally, the order is the bride’s parents then the groom’s parents followed by the bride and groom. Some receiving lines include the honor attendants as well. In that case, the maid of honor will be next followed by the bridesmaids.

Backdrops for San Antonio Wedding Photographers

Some receiving lines are formed after the ceremony to receive guests as they leave the chapel for the reception. Other lines are formed in the reception area to recognize guests as they enter. The choice is really up to the bride and groom in consideration of the type of facilities used and where there will be room for a backlog of people waiting to greet the newlyweds.

When it is time for the couple to leave, tradition dictates throwing rice. Many couples have opted to use birdseed instead of rice. A great idea that adds a distinct touch to the reception photographs is to supply the guests with small plastic bubble bottles. As the guests blow bubbles on the couple, it adds a reflection to the pictures that is missing with rice or birdseed.…

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Silver Jewelry Box

If you have an extensive jewelry collection, you might consider purchasing a silver jewelry box. From your silver cuff bracelets to your vast collection of earrings, you’ll want to keep your jewelry safe and protected. For those who love silver, a silver jewelry box is the perfect container for these priceless items.

If you’re seeking a gift for a loved one, a high-end silver jewelry box is a wonderful idea. Crafted of silver itself, these boxes make inspired gifts that any friend, or relative, will adore. Intricately crafted, these boxes also add a touch of class to any room.

Finding a Silver Jewelry Box Online
Look online for some of the best deals on silver jewelry boxes. Whether you’re seeking something small and sedate, or something larger and more intricate, you can find it online. Best of all, you will find deep discounts on the jewelry boxes that are offered by online suppliers.

Created by world-class silver workers, these boxes are as unique as they are ornate. These make them excellent gifts, because of their rarity and utility alike. Look online today for a recommended supplier who can offer you the silver jewelry box you seek at the prices you desire.…

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Tahiti Wedding

If you want to start your marriage off in a way that is non-traditional, why not plan a Tahiti wedding? The atmosphere alone is enough to entice you to the island. Its beauty will engulf you and you will be simply entranced by your surroundings. The accommodations that are available for weddings is limited only by your choices for the occasion.

There are wedding ceremonies that are available that carry the cultural traditions of the Tahitians. You can have a day-long ceremony with a Tahitian priest along with music and dance for celebration. Or you can have a simple sunset ritual to exchange vows. The highlight of a full-blown ceremony is having the groom arrive at the beach in a canoe as the bride is carried on a wicker throne.

Plan Your Tahiti Wedding Today

After the wedding, you can spend your honeymoon in either elegant accommodations with a fabulous ocean view or you can stay in an over water bungalow. Either way you are certain to have a pleasant experience that will be a memory maker for a lifetime. The activities that are available for your enjoyment include land activities such as tennis, horseback riding, golf, and hiking. The water activities that are available include surfing, snorkeling, sailing, and fishing.

The Internet is your best place to find all you need to know to plan a Tahiti wedding. Check out the best deals that are available and take advantage of the many online offers for discounts on various packages. You are certain to find just what you need to make your wedding the dream of a lifetime.…

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Designer Wedding Dresses

Almost every bride dreams of wearing a designer wedding dress as she walks down the aisle. From the venerable fashion houses of Paris to the trendy design studios of New York City, the high-end labels are always the most well known, and for good reason. They have existed for decades and their ads grace every upscale bridal magazine, projecting an image of elegance and class.

Of course, designer wedding dresses offer much more than image. First and foremost, famous designers have built their reputations on quality. Although a wedding dress will only be worn for a few hours, the craftsmanship on these gowns is unmatched. From delicate petticoats to intricate beading, these dresses will stand the test of time and can be passed down from generation to generation.


Style and Substance

Of course, quality aside, the most eye-catching feature of most designer wedding dresses is their elegant style. The famous design houses have an unrivaled ability to imbue traditional designs with a fresh, contemporary feel. Thus, brides who are lucky enough to wear these gowns can project an image that is simultaneously classic and modern.

The challenge, of course, is finding a way to foot the bill. Most designer gowns come with hefty price tags, and you can plan to pay several thousand dollars for the more familiar names. If you’re set on going this route, talk to an experienced wedding consultant or dress distributor and look into options for finding designer dresses and discount prices.…

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Wedding Chapels In Nevada

Wedding chapels in Nevada are easy to find, but the best place to look is certainly Nevada’s capitol of fun: Las Vegas. Wedding chapels dot the Vegas landscape, and some of them are even located on the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. What better place to get married than right in the heart of the action?

You’re looking to get married in Nevada because you want to have fun. Having visited the state several times, I can tell you first hand that the place is made for fun. Imagine a place where you can pick up your marriage license in only a few minutes (as long as you have $55 in cash in your pocket), get married, and then hit the town for a night of excitement.


How to Find Wedding Chapels in Nevada

You probably don’t want to drive all around the state of Nevada to find a place to get married. It’s a big state, and it would take you a long time. The good news is you’re already on the right path to finding the right wedding chapels in Nevada. Browsing the internet for only a few minutes will turn up quite a few chapels that you’ll love!

Most wedding chapels in Nevada have their own websites, with detailed information about pricing and the different packages they offer. And the best sites even offer you the opportunity to make your reservation online. Within a few minutes, you can decide on all the details of your wedding, and even book a specific day!…

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Dog Fashions

Dog fashions range from the simple sweater to elaborate Halloween costumes. The range you stock will be entirely dependent on the desires of your customers. Dog lover apparel is a great way to start out in the dog apparel market.

Matching owner/pet clothing is a tried-and-true favorite among pet owners. Nothing is as heartwarming for them as seeing their beloved dog wearing a miniature version of their own sweater or coat. Once they see how cute these dog fashions are, even the most skeptical of dog owners will become a fan of dog clothes.


Marketing Dog Fashions

Some dog owners still feel there is a social stigma against dog clothes. They might feel they are silly or unnecessary. However, these owners have most likely not seen the quality or luxury available to today’s pampered pooch. This is where proper marketing comes in.

In your flyers or advertisements, it’s key to include very different styles of clothing. Your regular customers will enjoy seeing all your products on a regular basis, but you should also target new customers. The dog owners who are skeptical about dog clothes are not likely to be enthusiastic about complete matching ensembles, but they may be swayed by a gorgeous but simple wool sweater made from hand-dyed yarn.…

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