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Ok, so you have a neat new website which needs to get listed in Google search results? I have some tips for you on how to get this done and, to be more specific, I can tell you that Google bot will crawl your website before you finish reading this, you just need to follow my tips.

First of all, you need to get crawled. If you’re using WordPress, I have a good news for you, your blog is already pinging “the right spot” every time you make a new post. But if you’re not using it, don’t get upset, we’ll get you there. Consider reading the tips below if you want to know how to ensure SEO best price for your site. You should use one of these ways to get crawled:

Yes, you can just add URL to Google. Google “add URL ” and the first result will be an “add URL ” page where you can submit your website for a scheduled crawl by the Google bot.

Web directories
They are getting crawled all the time so if your website will be there. It will get scheduled for a crawl too.

Google “pingomatic” – it’s a great tool originally designed for blogs but it will get Google bot on any website in no time, just enter your URL and submit.

Webmaster tools
Google “webmasters” and you’ll find Google webmaster tools; add your URL there and you’ll get crawled in the next 24 hours.

Any of these ways will get your website crawled by a Google bot, but how can you know that it was there? Well, you can check your log and look for something similar to this: – – [15/Aug/2010:17:09:38 +0300] “GET /index.php HTTP/1.1” 200 6124 “-” “Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +”

It means that you have been crawled. Now you’ll need to wait to get indexed; you can check if you got indexed by searching for your URL like this: site:”” if you get any results, this means that you got indexed. However, it doesn’t mean that anyone will be able to find your website. You should be able to find your website when searching for “”. It should appear as the first result, this means that you got listed in the search results, congratulations! 😉…

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One Piece Bikinis

Womens Micro Monokini One Piece Swimsuit G String Summer Beach Mini Sunkini  for sale online | eBayWhile technically a bikini is a two-piece swimsuit some one-piece suits are so skimpy that they might as well be bikinis. These suits typically provide no more coverage than a micro bikini. In essence, they are bikinis that are held together by sometimes intricate and sometimes simple networks of string. The result–lots of skin.

These are not your grandmother’s one-piece swimsuits. One-piece bikinis are sexy and hot. Like their cousins the micro bikini, they leave nothing to the imagination. Usually the stomach of the wearer will be mostly uncovered, and there will be very little material in the crotch of the suit. The tops vary widely and may be halter top, tank top or bra top.


What to Do Before Wearing a One-Piece Bikini

Before wearing a one-piece bikini out in public there are a few things you should do. The first and most obvious thing is you should make sure the suit looks good on you. Tight bodies look the best in these suits because even a little bit of pudge will peek through the string sides. Next you should make sure all the hair removal needs are met. These suits do not cover very much of the crotch so a thorough bikini wax is definitely in order.

These are not great suits to tan in because they will leave a bizarre tanning pattern behind. So, make sure you apply a strong sunscreen. If you want to tan before wearing the suit, a self tanner can give you the even skin most desired. These suits will show everything and a well bronzed body will look twice as good.


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Rousseau Cast Aside: Women Painters and the Absence of the Bourgeois Ideal


In Women and Visual Culture in Nineteenth-Century France, Gen Doy points out that the bourgeois ideal of the “happy mother” is rarely represented in paintings produced by early nineteenth-century French women painters.(1) Even in the “feminine” genres of portraiture and genre scenes, this paradigm is a rarity. Among David’s pupils, Constance Charpentier appears to be the only one who produced a self-portrait of the artist and her child (untraced). Marie-Guillemine Benoist, CĂ©sarine Davin-Mirvault, and AngĂ©lique Mongez also had children but, judging what can be drawn from their available work, made no reference to them in their art. The portraiture of the first two usually depicts single well-known or anonymous figures. While the subject of motherhood is present in Mongez’s Astyanax Torn from His Mother, a large-scale history painting, the representation of an active Andromache fighting the soldiers attempting to take her son-as opposed to her passive counterpart in François-Guillaume MĂ©nageot’s painting of the same subject-hardly conforms to the sweet, docile model expected of women at the time. Outside the school of David, some women painters were depicting another form of motherhood: that of the grieving mother, a common theme in the art of Constance Mayer, who never had children of her own but cared for the five children of her teacher (and possible lover) Pierre-Paul Prud’hon.

What does this tell us of the French custom painting art world in the early nineteenth century? In the years immediately preceding the French Revolution, Elisabeth VigĂ©e-Lebrun produced two portraits of herself and her daughter to prove to the audience  that women could simultaneously pursue their careers and be loving mothers.(2) Less than twenty years later, the production of such representations were decreasing. Apparently women artists in general did not feel as if they had to make such a statement, despite the fact that contemporary laws and philosophies show that French, or at least Parisian, society was not ready to accept the notion that women could “have it all.” This article will offer a possible explanation.

At this time, social philosophy in France was grounded in the philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Book V of his Emile details his image of the ideal woman whom he calls Sophie. Her life is devoted to her husband and their children, and she has no interest in the events outside the private sphere. Her education is to be solely domestic. She would educate the daughters, while her husband would educate the sons. As the ideas of Rousseau became increasingly popular, society’s general expectations of women were that they model their lives after that of Sophie.…

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One Piece Micro Swimsuits

Women One piece Swimsuit Mini Micro Bikini Thong Lingerie Halter Neck  Backless High Cut Self tie Swimwear bikinis 2019 women|Bikini Set| -  AliExpressWhen people think of sexy swim wear they first think of bikinis, but one-piece swim wear can be equally sexy if not more. Sexy one-piece micro swimsuits have uniquely creative designs and are extremely eye-catching. Many times they have no more material than a skimpy bikini, it is just engineered in a different way.

One-piece suits are great for sexy swimsuit competitions because it will make the wearer stand out in the crowd. In those competitions, beautiful, hot girls are a dime a dozen. Besides, they are usually all wearing some kind of two-piece bikini. The effect is that they start to blend into one anther. Anyone wearing a skimpy one-piece is sure to attract the attention of the judges and onlookers.


Types of One Piece Micro Swimsuits

There are several different popular styles of skimpy one-piece suits. There are the traditional modest swimsuits that have coverage on the behind and may either be low cut or have the sides or other panels removed. These will show more skin than the average one-piece, and they are very sexy yet not outlandish. The next step up in raunchiness is the one-piece thong suit. These range from the simple and functional tank suit to the hotter, less functional sideless G-string.

Definitely the most risquĂ© one-piece on the market is the cupless and crotchless one-piece. This suit is only for show and will most likely be limited to adult clubs and private homes. In this suit the breasts and the genitalia are fully exposed. You won’t see that at the PTA!…

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Fun Bikinis

15 Funny Swimsuits For Women In 2021

The best part of bikini shopping is finding a bikini that suits your personality. Bikinis are a great way to express your fun side either at the beach, in the club or in the privacy of your own home. Bikinis come in so many different creative styles that there is definitely something for everyone.


Types of Fun Bikinis Available

Maybe the most fun bikinis are the theme bikinis. These suits might reflect a particular holiday or idea. For example, there are suits that are patriotic and have American flags on them or a camouflage print. There are also those that reflect the festivities of Christmas with Christmas trees, holly, etc. If you want to celebrate something there is probably a bikini out there that will match the theme.

Bikinis also come in great fun colors that can really make you stand out. Black bikinis are popular, but bright colors and unusual colors are far more unique. If you have a great body that you want to show off, wearing a vibrant colored suit is a great way to do that.

The shape of the suit can also make it memorable. Designers have really gotten creative over recent years and there are some amazingly cut bikinis on the market. They may or may not be very skimpy, but they are shaped in a unique way. One such bikini is the unikini, which technically a one piece suit, but is cut out in such a way that it resembles a bikini. Playing with style and color in a suit shows a fun personality.…

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Career In Fashion Design

A career in fashion design could be yours with the right education. Without a degree in fashion merchandising or design it is nearly impossible to secure a high paying job. You’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again, a college education is a requirement to obtain the job of your dreams.

Notice that I did not say a degree from an ivy league school is required. Employers want to see both motivation and ambition. Regardless of where you earned your degree, an education proves your willingness to work.


A Career in Fashion Design Starts with a Degree

For example, a career in fashion design may start with a degree from the most prestigious fashion school in Europe or an online degree achieved through your home computer. Both programs teach you the basics of fashion design and prepare you for a full-time job in the real world. Before you even consider applying to a position in fashion design, be sure to complete your school work.

From designers to department store buyers, there are a multitude of positions available in the fashion industry. You may want to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to decide which position will work best with your skill set. Consider applying for an internship or work study program while you are in college to gain real-life experiences.…

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Wholesale Jewelry Supply

If one is in the jewelry business, one needs to have access to a good wholesale jewelry supply source. Whether one specializes in body jewelry or has a discreet clientele of diamond lovers, a good wholesale supply source for all jewelry demands needs to be discovered. Most retail jewelry stores rely on such supply companies in order to buy wholesale jewelry at a low cost.

The wholesale jewelry supply market is filled to the brim with different areas of expertise. Some distributors help to sell wholesale body jewelry to punk or youthful shops like those found on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles. Others may make bulk supplies of earring parts, beads, wire making tools and other such supplies for those in the handcrafted jewelry business.


Other Types of Wholesale Jewelry Supply Options

In addition to tools, building materials and actual whole pieces of jewelry, some businesses need to stock up on maintenance supplies. Because many customers may loose the backings to their jewelry, or a tongue ring owner might swallow a ball bearing, always having a good collection of replacement parts at hand is a great idea. Buying bulk body jewelry products at the beginning of the year will prepare the retail owner for any emergencies or customer needs at any time.

Finally, buying wholesale cleaning supplies and displaying them alongside the body jewelry is also a good move. People sometimes forget that proper care and prevention of infections is an important part of having a body piercing, whether in the ear, belly, mouth, face or nose. By including these items along with the rest of your wholesale body jewelry supply order, a retail owner can cover all the bases regarding his or her customers.…

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Hot Wholesale Body Jewelry

In order to buy hot, hot wholesale body jewelry, a company must shop around to find the best product bang for their buck. They may need to consider their usual clientele and what sells the most over the course of a few months. However, they must also think about how to attract new customers and bring in the latest trends in body piercing fashion.

Those interested in buying hot wholesale body jewelry are not limited to large retail stores. Small businesspeople who rent or buy kiosks at farmer’s markets, shopping malls and large city events are always on the lookout for top quality, low cost items. They will usually buy bulk body jewelry for a small price per item, then raise the asking cost just a bit to make a nice profit by the end of the day.


How Individuals Can Get Hot Wholesale Body Jewelry

The world of wholesale shopping is not limited to businesses or licensed companies. Average consumers can also take advantage of the savings involved in factory direct body jewelry. By buying through web sites either affiliated with or directly connected to a wholesale source, they can be assured of great discount body jewelry.

Some people who purchase wholesale jewelry eventually decide to go into business for themselves. If they have an odd afternoon, they may rent tent space at a local county fair and purchase a small home-based business for themselves. Many go a step further and create online shopping websites to sell low-price body jewelry – along with any number of other wholesale items – to add an extra income to their pockets.…

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Jewelry Supplier

When shopping around for a jewelry supplier, be sure to read all the policies and procedures for each new business you consider. Is there a reasonable return policy? What sort of merchandise guarantee do they measure their business by? In order to qualify as a reseller, what is required?

These questions must all be answered before you jump into a new relationship. After all, the supplier is what keeps your stand at the flea market in business. Aside from quality merchandise, you want to build a solid rapport with every merchant you work with.

The Answer is Right in Front of You

You don’t need to look far to find a reputable jewelry supplier. Many Internet wholesalers have been in business since the early 90s when the reign of e-commerce began. These companies offer secure payment methods, reasonable shipping fees and product guarantees.

As a wholesale jewelry supplier, what are the most important things to look for when starting and growing your business? Before you can become a successful wholesale jewelry supplier you need to get your foot in the door. Start off at flea markets or fairs with a small yet complete collection of jewelry. These items should reflect your own taste as well as the latest fashion trends.

Take the Easy Road in the Beginning

Assortments are always a safe way to start your business. Pre-packaged bundles of the hottest styles are available if you’re unsure of what consumers are looking to buy. After your first few fairs, you’ll have a better understanding of what people are looking for.

Don’t forget to stock up on sterling silver supplies. Tarnish remover, satin pouches and jewelry rolls are all crucial to establishing yourself as a wholesale jewelry supplier. You can find all the tools you need to start a successful business by shopping the Web.…

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South Sea Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry can come from a variety of places, including Tahiti, China and Japan. Tahiti produces the coveted Tahitian black pearl, which originates in the black lipped variety of the pinctada maxima oyster. These pearls are remarkable for their dark color, as well as their size. Chinese and Japanese oyster farms produce beautiful Akoya pearls, known for their gleaming luster and flawless surfaces.

Most South Sea pearl jewelry comes from the pearl farms of Australia. Australia produces incredibly beautiful pearls, known for the quality of their nacre. Nacre is an organic substance which makes up most of the body of any pearl. It is a type of calcium carbonate, which forms in layers around a nucleus. In nature, this nucleus might be a pebble, a chip of shell, or a stray insect. In cultivated pearls, the nucleus is a tiny bead which is placed inside the oyster shell deliberately.

Finding South Sea Pearl Jewelry

The easiest place to find a wide variety of beautiful South Sea pearl jewelry is online. I have noticed that the selection of pearls in most jewelry stores is very limited. They often have only a single case devoted to pearl jewelry.

Visit an online pearl jewelry shop, on the other hand, and you’ll find an amazing variety of pearls from every corner of the world. These pearls are made into earrings, rings, sets, necklaces and bracelets. They are used in pins and brooches, or sold as bridal sets. You can find glamorous pearl pendants or dramatic pearl ropes. Finding this level of variety and quality at your local jewelry store is highly unlikely.…

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