San Antonio Wedding Photographers

San Antonio wedding photographers have many choices for creating a beautiful collection of photos. One of the favorite spots for a wedding party to gather is on the Riverwalk. There are many locations along this scenic waterway that offer the perfect photo shoot. Many weddings are held in the ballrooms of hotels that line the river. Following the ceremony, the wedding party moves outdoors for pictures.

One question that always arises concerns the proper placement for the receiving line. Traditionally, the order is the bride’s parents then the groom’s parents followed by the bride and groom. Some receiving lines include the honor attendants as well. In that case, the maid of honor will be next followed by the bridesmaids.

Backdrops for San Antonio Wedding Photographers

Some receiving lines are formed after the ceremony to receive guests as they leave the chapel for the reception. Other lines are formed in the reception area to recognize guests as they enter. The choice is really up to the bride and groom in consideration of the type of facilities used and where there will be room for a backlog of people waiting to greet the newlyweds.

When it is time for the couple to leave, tradition dictates throwing rice. Many couples have opted to use birdseed instead of rice. A great idea that adds a distinct touch to the reception photographs is to supply the guests with small plastic bubble bottles. As the guests blow bubbles on the couple, it adds a reflection to the pictures that is missing with rice or birdseed.